The card game inspired by of Might & Magic™ universe is back! Unique mechanics, heated battles and generous rewards! Immerse yourself in your favorite universe with the new NFT game Towersmash™!

Deep and engaging gameplay
An army of fans around the world
Antibot and hack protection
More than five hundred cards
Android / iOS apps
Unique land system & season updates

Different game modes:

Complete daily quests
Get rewards in the form of cards and special items
Special challenges for the most experienced players
Win battles!
Obtain $ORB for battles and get special gifts
Improve your playing skills to participate in tournaments
Play rating battles
Earn rating points to move up in the standings
Winners get special prizes and valuable cards
Get $ORB for winning battles and quests
Use $ORB to upgrade your cards
Freely exchange your $ORB on Alcor Exchange
PLAY to earn ORB $
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Total Supply: 100 000 000 $ORB

Token name: ORB

Liquidity pool

Play to earn pool



Airdrops & Giveaways

Towersmash… what is it?

           — Towersmash is a new P2E (play to earn) game, inspired by Might & Magic universe.

What does the gameplay look like?

           — The core gameplay is most reminiscent of games like Gwint, Heartstone with adding Tower-Defence mechanicks.

How can I trade cards? What marketplace can I use to trade cards?

           — Yes, you can use to freely trade game cards.

Will there be PVP between players?

           — In addition to the tournaments PVE and PVP can be played at any time.

Will there be PVP seasons?

           — Yes, in our game they are called tournaments. They will take place every two weeks.

Will there be Android & iOS apps?

           — Yes. After launch on PC.

Can I start playing at the game’s release if I haven’t taken part in the presale?

           — Yes you can! You can buy a set of starter cards needed to start the game at any time.

What blockchain is the game on? Do I need a wallet?

           — Towersmash is created on the WAX blockchain. There is a detailed guide on how to connect it here.

Am I allowed to make a multi-account?

           — No. Multi-accounts are not allowed.

Will there be lands in the game?

           — Yes, the game provides lands with unique mechanics.

Base card deck (105 cards)
Additional 10 cards:

79% common

 15% uncommon

 5% rare

 1% epic

20% uncommon

20% uncommon

Base card deck (105 cards)
Additional 17 cards:

70% common

 19% uncommon

 8% rare

 2% epic

 0.7% mythical

 0.7% mythical

Base card deck (105 cards)
 Secret Necro Key
Additional 25 cards:

 57.5% common

 25% uncommon

 12% rare

 4% epic

 1.5% mythical

Meet the Team

Sergey Jurkov

CEO of Towersmash. Our leader and mentor! Has more than five years of IT project management experience. Founder of the LSM Team studio. Love dogs ^)

Mary Logova

Professional illustrator with 15 years of experience. Has lived in China for more than 5 years. Knows all about Towersmash. The creative heart & wiki of our project.

Aleksey Domogatskiy

Head programmer/Project manager. Runs servers from a smart watch. Knows 5 programming languages and 3 human languages. Loves Heroes. Catches bugs, punishes hackers. 

Elena Rogova

Our marketing chief. Knows everything about social networks. Arranges for all advertising and promotion of our project. Claims that margarita should only be strawberry!

Petr Avushkin

Junior Programmer/Blockchain specialist. Makes everything work, transactions are sent and NFTs are not lost. He says that he bought Bitcoin for another 250, but we are not sure…

Alex Khitrov

Our game designer and your best friend. Dwells in discord servers and TG channels. Rarely seen on Twitter. Inspires the community. Keeps order and tells everyone about our game.

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